Support Van for cycling tours in Spain

If you want to rent a support vehicle for your cycling holidays in Spain this is your site

Support vehicle for cycling tours

The support car is usually out of sight either ahead of the group or following from a distance behind. Apart from offering a safety net to anybody unable to complete a section of cycling it also provides a safe place to leave your possessions that you do not want to carry on the bike. 

On certain biking tours, the tour leader drives the support vehicle while the group follow cycle route notes. In these cases the support vehicle will regularly meet the group at certain points along the route to check on progress and assist with any problems. 
The support car considerably increases comfort on your ride on the bike
The support van holds your luggage while you are riding
In case of need, the car can be used in case people want to shorten their trip or avoid difficult sections of their route.
The support vehicle can take the whole group as well as all  bicycles along less attractive parts of the route.
The support van provides help in case of health complications.
The support car offers back-up in case of technical difficulties
The support vehicle holds drinks and refreshments if you want to use them later on route
We currently use these support cars for cyclint tours:
• Mercedes Viano
• 4x4 Toyota 

Write or call us if you need more information about renting a support vehicle for your cycling tours in Spain