Rent a bike in Seville

Bike rental in Seville

Would you like to visit Seville in a versatile and fun way? Stop by our office located in the city center and rent a bike in Seville hourly or daily.

Renting a bike in Seville is a great option to explore the city thanks to the complete network of bikeways that run along the main monuments and places of the city. The natural flatland of Seville also makes this idea even more enjoyable.

If you do not want to miss a specific monument or place and would love to learn about the history of Seville, then sign up for our guided bike or electric scooter tours!

Come and enjoy Seville in a different way!

Rent a bike in Seville

Hourly Rental 

3 HOURS 9 €
6 HOURS 10 €
10 HOURS 12 €
24 HOURS 15 €
Rent now!
Only pay for the time that you use!Basic insurance for civil responsibilities includedDiscounts for families(*) Extra equipment available
Rent a bike in Seville

Daily Rental

1 DAY - 15 €
EXTRA DAY - 10  €
1 WEEK 45 €
Rent now!
Enjoy the bycicle for a whole dayBasic insurance for civil responsibilities includedDiscounts for families(*) Extra equipment available
Is it necessary to leave a deposit if I want to rent a bike?

No, you just give us one document and sign the contract before renting the bikes. If you are renting from your hotel, then we take a picture of your ID or passport and that´s it .

What are the cancellation policies?

For a full refund, cancellations must be made more than 24 hours  before the date of the tour. 

How do I rent a bike or an electric scooter?

It’s really simple! You just have to click the “Rent now” button and select the date and time that you want to rent it.  You also have the option of call us at + 34 954 22 83 45 | +34 617 41 53 88.


What does the bike insurance cover?

All of the bikes include the mandatory basic civil responsibility insurance. This type of insurance does not cover personal damages. If you feel that you may need other forms of insurance, please contact us for prices.

When do I have to pay for a reservation?

You can pay 20 % when you make the reservation and the rest at the begining of the activity


Do you offer discounts for families?

Yes, we offer family discounts on all our services. Do not hesitate to ask us for further details!

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. For a group of 4 people: 5% discount, group of 6 people: 10% discount, group of 8 people or more: 15% discount.