Cycling tours from Seville to Cordoba

Cycling tours from Seville to Cordoba - Bike tour from Seville to Cordoba

First Day Cycling tour: Sevilla Cazalla – San Nicolas del Puerto – Cerro del Hierro Constantina.

We depart by train from Sevilla Santa Justa train station to Constantina (Sevilla, Cazalla, Sierra Norte). We will discover La Via Verde de la Sierra Norte (The Green Route of the Northern Hills), that uses an old mine train's route which was used to merge the mines from the Cerro de Hierro (Iron Hill) with the general trains line, a little higher from the actual Cazalla station, in a place known as Los Prados (The Prairies).
Up to half of the trail, we will be accompanied by the Rivera del Hueznar (Hueznar River). Next to its shore grows one of the best riparian forests in Andalucia. In its highest section are the Cascadas del Hueznar (Hueznar waterfalls), declared National Monuments. Alder trees, ash trees, willow trees, elms and honeysuckles, and other vegetation can be found.
Further from the river shore, the Mediterranean mountains prevail with evergreen Oaks, cork Oaks and Portuguese Oaks, along with small trails of chestnuts, substituted by orchards around the Puerto de San Nicolas (St Nicholas Port).
We will reach the highest altitude in this stage when we arrive to the Natural Monument, the Cerro de Hierro (Iron Hill). An impressive geological resource sculpted by weather and mining agents, that have been exploded since Roman times. It reached its maximum splendor in the 19th century, when El Poblado Minero (the mining village) was built, following architectural guidelines of English origin. The remaining landscaping is amazing.
From there we will continue on our  cycling tour to Constantina (Constantine), a small town from the mountains of Seville, 557m (1827 ft) of elevation where we will tour the streets of the castle's hillside, also knows as "Las Cuestas" (The Hillsides). On its southern zone there's located "La Morena"neighborhood, that still preserves Muslim constructions.
We will arrive to our hotel in Constantina.

Second Day cycling tour: Constantina – Puebla de los Infantes - Hornachuelos


We will leave by bike to Puebla de los Infantes (Infantes' Town), a Sevillian province, through the rural road GR48. It's on the way to Vega del Guadalquivir, has a population of 3500 people and its elevation is 230m (750ft).
From there we will continue through the well known rural road GR48 to Hornachuelos. The elevation will rise to 320m (1050ft) and then lower to 185m(607ft) in Hornachuelos, first town from the province of Cordoba. The population is of 4700 people, and their demonym is melojoso(a).
Arrival to the hotel: dinner and accommodation.

Third Day: Hornachuelos – Posadas – Almodovar del Rio – Santa Maria de Trassierra – Medina Zahara - Cordoba.

We will ride bicycles to Almodovar del Rio through GR48, but before arriving to Almodovar, we will leave the road to admire the worthy view that the city and the medieval castle have to offer.
After that, we will return to the GR48 road on the way up to the Ermita de Santa Maria de Trassierra (St Mary of Trassierra's Hermitage), that used to be a village much more populated than it is now.
We will continue our biking tour down to Medina Zahara, which used to be  palatine city built by order of Abderraman III (Abd al-Rahman III, al-Nasir) on the 10th century. The main reason for its construction were political ideologies: The caliph's dignity required the foundation of a new town as a symbol of his power, just like in other oriental caliphates; and above all, to show his superiority over his greatest enemies: the Fatimid Caliphate from Ifriqiyah, northern Africa.
After visiting this site we will continue by bike to Cordoba.
Arrival to the hotel: Dinner and accommodation.
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  • 1 night in Constantina
  • 1 night in Hornachuelos
  • 1 night in Córdoba
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 dinners 
  • Train ticket passenger + bike  Sevilla to Cazalla de la Sierra
  • Train ticket + bike from Córdoba to Sevilla
  • Farmhouse/Hotel B&B 3 nights
  • Baggage Transfer Estación Cazalla Constantina - Los Pozos de la Nieve - Cañada Verde en Hornachuelos - Córdoba 
4 days 3 nights
From 349 € per person
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