Beer Bike Tour Sevilla

¿What is Beer Bike Tour?

The Beer Bike Tour is a hands-on way to experience Sevilla while having a fun time with your friends. Our beer bike combines sport, green energy and Spanish beer to create a fun experience that you will not forget!

The concept is pretty simple, ten bikes connected by a patented gear system around a bar where you will be able to drink beer or sangria while the company driver drives around Seville. Enjoy the Sevilla views with your friends drinking beer, listening music and having a great time!

From 10 to 18 people can participate in this tour, we can organize a whole group or make a sign up list to combine groups. You will find music, LED lights available for night rides, a microphone and beer. The standard tour is one hour long but we can customize it. The only thing that you need to have fun!

No more excuses! Do something different, enjoy a few drinks with your friends while riding around Seville listening music, all at once!



15 €A ride and one liter of beer
18 €A ride and two liters of beer
18 €A ride and one liter of Sangría
25 €A ride and bottomless beer
Another kind of drinks/ servicesAsk us for more details!


1 hour
Daily departures
15 € for one hour tour and one liter of Beer
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